Mad Anthony Sampler Pack

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Mad Anthony Sampler Pack

Mad Anthony Sampler Pack



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Here's a great way to try some of the different Mad Anthony Sauces! You get one bottle of his award winning Original Flavor Hot Sauce, one bottle of his award-winning Fiery Mustard Sauce, and one bottle of his Original Style BBQ Sauce!

About Mad Anthony's Award-Winning Sauces:

It's common knowledge that Michael Anthony is a hardcore hot sauce connoisseur and after years of sampling the world's finest hot sauces, the mighty bassist has decided to come out with his own brand of liquid fire!

"When I was playing bass in Van Halen I picked up the nickname 'Mad Anthony' because I put massive doses of hot sauce on everything. Nothing was too hot and everyone knew to steer clear of my food! Eventually, I decided to make my own sauces so I could share my passion for flavor and fire with you!

"When we sat down to develop this sauce, we decided to use only the finest ingredients that this little blue orb called Earth could offer. We chose the delightful Pimiento Pepper to act as the backdrop for my incendiary elixir. Then we sweetened it up a bit with some Sweet Red Bell Peppers. We also thought it would be fun to kick everyone's asses with overly generous helpings of fresh roasted garlic and Habanero Chilies which were flown in fresh from the Caribbean.

"I had a full sweat goin', but we weren't done yet, so next we heaped in some Ancho Chile Powder, Crushed Chilies and Black Pepper to give it the depth and complexity that a truly great sauce requires.

"This sauce is a celebration of life's simple pleasures including great taste and a lot of heat both North and South of the border. I think it is perfect for any occasion and any food.

"I invite you to try my sauce, and make sweatin' it out on the can the next morning part of your everyday ritual.

"For maximum heat, get out the asbestos underwear and DOUBLE YOUR DOSE!!

"Bon Appetit!"

—Michael Anthony

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