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Sacred Sin DVD

Sacred Sin DVD


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In 2006, Eddie Van Halen had been wanting to do some solo work outside of the band and music industry. So as a fun side project, Eddie had joined forces with his friend Michael Ninn, an adult movie director, to write and perform two songs for the Ninn Worx feature, "Sacred Sin". Ninn is highly respected within the industry for his artistic movies.

Eddie Van Halen: "I'm working with a friend - very simple. I like his work," he said. "Michael Ninn is like a Spielberg to me: the imagery, the way he makes things look, just...sensual."

The movie was completely shot on High Definition and Widescreen and is aimed at the couples market. The picture introduces new Penthouse Pet, Heather Vuur, in her first adult movie. "She's an incredible actress on top of being stunningly beautiful," Ninn said.

The 2-DVD Limited Edition Collector's Set contains many extras. Disc One contains the movie. Disc Two includes three never-seen Eddie Van Halen videos, a 60 minute "Making Of" video, six Bonus Scenes, Deleted Scenes, Director's commentary, a 250-image Stills Gallery, and Trailers.

Ninn's movies have been called the "cutting edge of XXX Erotica." Although the $250,000 budget has pushed the list price of this two disc set to $49.95, we have it for only $19.95, an incredible $30 savings!

Van Halen content:

* Two new songs by Eddie Van Halen, "Rise" and "Catherine," both guitar instrumentals. The two-disc set contains three music videos for the two songs.

1) "Rise" video (5:03) shows Eddie playing his original red striped Charvel Strat! And contains imagery from the movie "Sacred Sin" (no nudity).

2) "Catherine" video (6:37) shows Eddie playing Eddie playing guitar (and drums!) in his famous 5150 studio, and also contains imagery from the movie "Catherine" (no nudity).

3) "Catherine - The EVH Studio Cut" video: (6:37) The entire video is exclusively Eddie playing guitar (and drums!) in his famous 5150 studio! This is some very cool collectable footage of Ed in the studio... and there isn't much of that around!

* Eddie also contributed some transitional piano pieces that are sprinkled throughout the movie.

* (Eddie does not appear in the movie... he is only in the three music videos. The three music videos/songs are only available on this DVD, not on any CD or other release).

Written and Directed by Michael Ninn
Original Music by Eddie Van Halen

Sacred Sin rests far from typical adult fare. The story follows a woman (whom we presume to be real) that has been banished to an earthly estate after cursing God for allowing the death of her young child. Exclusive Ninn newcomer Heather Vuur plays this young bereaved woman and when her husband (Jean Val Jean) finally decides to seek his physical affection in the form of fair Jassie, Heather decides to send them both to the non-mortal plane of her dead son. Jassie however doesn't seem to make the trip and some time later we find her filling an erotic maidservant role as she "snatches" various individuals from rather more traditional roles in life, presumably to entertain Heather as she continues to lament her eternal fate.

Enter Nick Manning, playing Detective Welch, a police officer charged with attempting to solve the bizarre kidnappings all the while dealing with the murder of his own wife and child. In typical Ninn fashion, demons emerge and special effects abound, but in essence Sacred Sin remains the story of how we handle the pain of loss, the story of how our innermost sexual mechanisms help us cope, or give up faith completely. Add to this the musical genius of Eddie Van Halen and you have set the stage for some powerful storytelling in a most unusual manner for the adult genre.

Now the cast and productions remain quintessentially Ninn, as the locales are stunning as are the people playing the various roles here. But the physical "heat" very honestly present in Sacred Sin comes from a much deeper emotional area than we're used to in XXX. Clearly we don't always watch adult movies because we want to think a lot, but if exercising your brain holds an interest for you too, this might be worth a look.

OVERSEAS CUSTOMERS NOTE: This DVD plays worldwide on NTSC DVD players. Most countires (Japan, Australia, etc) play NTSC. Great Britain plays PAL (but many people there have players that also play NTSC).

You must be at least 18 years of age to purchase this DVD, since it is an X-RATED, "ADULT" movie.

Here is a low res sample of the "Catherine - The EVH Studio Cut" video:

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