Shirts Featuring the Classic "Live 1982" Lion Artwork

A fierce roaring lion with wild mane (and cool sunglasses)! Originally featured on the souvenirs for Van Halen's "Hide Your Sheep" world tour for the Diver Down album, this classic image is certainly one of the coolest graphics ever used by any rock band! At last, this fan favorite has been reissued.

In this iconic tee from their 1982 tour, Van Halen — ingeniously represented by a lion in shades — rips through the front of the T-shirt, suggesting the music can't be contained or controlled.

"For the 1982 tour, the logo design was a lion wearing sunglasses with palm trees reflected in the lenses. Just that logo delivers you a message, delivers you a lifestyle, an attitude. Right away, whether you're from Korea or Tijuana, you get it." —David Lee Roth

These officially licensed Limited Editions are all exclusives.