1984 Promo Poster

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1984 Promo Poster

1984 Promo Poster


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This is a special promotional poster which was shipped to select music stores in December of 1983, as a teaser for Van Halen’s mammoth and groundbreaking 1984 album.

Nowadays, this poster is INCREDIBLY RARE. Amazingly, we have procured a small supply that was saved since then. These have been nicely preserved, despite being over 30 years old.

The fans who know of the existence of this poster sometimes refer to it as the 1984 “villain” or “sniper” poster.

More than a rare collectible, this is a bright and colorful work of art, which looks good enough to proudly display in your home, office or man cave. Suitable for framing.

Size is 23" x 33".

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