EVH Black and White Mini Guitar


Retail: $44.95

EVH Black and White Mini Guitar

EVH Black and White Mini Guitar


Retail: $44.95

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This is a 1:4 scale official miniature replica of the guitar that started it all — the guitar that appeared on the cover of the first Van Halen album — Eddie’s Black and White original "Franky!”

Each model is 10" in length, handcrafted with INCREDIBLE DETAIL and comes complete with an adjustable A-frame stand and foil-stamped collectors gift box.

After years of careful planning, intensive prototyping and meticulous product development, we are proud to offer these official EVH miniature guitars, hand made to the high quality standards that collectors and fans deserve.

More about Ed’s VH1 guitar:

* Iconic white with black stripes design which went on to become the famous main Frankenstein guitar after red paint was added.

* Striped with Schwinn bicycle paint (the thin lines are actually car striping tape and not paint). Painted black originally, then taped off and painted white.

* VH1 was originally a factory second Boogie Bodies ash body and birdseye maple neck with plain maple fingerboard, rosewood top dots and brass side dots.

* Handcut pickguard. Probably the first Strat to be modified to have a single humbucker. Had a single white (now famous) "Tone" knob for volume.

* Original fender tremolo bridge and old fender 60's neck plate that is still on there today serial number 61071

* Built around 1975 by EVH.

* Had the original big headstock Boogie Bodies neck on it most of the time but also had a small headstock neck on it with rosewood board and white pickguard and no thin stripes in 1979 right before it was painted red.

* Ed typically used either the home made dog leash strap or the WWII bomber belt strap with this guitar with eye hooks in the body.

* At one point a gold "Gibson" logo decal on the headstock.

* Old PAF pickup from Ed's ES-335.

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