Eyewear that Kicks Ass.
Sammy Hagar has been wearing these awesome sunglasses for years, and we see why! They're the ONLY sunglasses we ever wear.
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Sammy Hagar has been wearing Liquid Eyewear sunglasses for years. Here's your chance to own the very same shades—the ultimate in quality, durability, fit, and looks!

Liquid "Flex to Fit", hingeless sunglasses are made from durable, lightweight, aircraft-aluminum that contours for maximum comfort on any size face. They're ultra-tough and for the most part indestructible.

Three models available:

The GASKET model offers a universal frame and rectangular lens. For medium to large faces.

The PLAYER has a slightly smaller and sleeker frame. Great for women or men looking for smaller sunglasses. Features teardrop-shaped lenses. For small medium faces.

The TITAN model is new, and features their largest lens for maximum coverage. For medium to large faces.

The ultimate for people who want extremely durable sunglasses with wrap-around sun and wind protection. They won't slip off during activity, so they're great for motorcycle/bike riding and skydiving. Favored by Extreme Sport athletes, Military, and Law Enforcement. And they look Bad to the Bone!

LENS/PRICES: All frames are made of the same lightweight, high performance Aircraft Aluminum, so prices are based solely on the lens. We offer 3 models with black frames and Smoke 100% UV Lenses for $129, and 12 models of various colored frames with POLARIZED Lenses for $159.