EVH Guitar Virtuoso Tablature

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EVH Guitar Virtuoso Tablature

EVH Guitar Virtuoso Tablature


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This book contains the full Instrumental Guitar Collection for Van Halen! Presented in authentic guitar TAB, this book shows you how to play each guitar solo as Eddie Van Halen recorded them.

Nine of Eddie Van Halen's classic guitar solo instrumentals. Titles include:

  • 316
  • Baluchitherium
  • Cathedral
  • Eruption
  • Little Guitars (Intro)
  • Neworld
  • Primary
  • Spanish Fly
  • Tora! Tora!

With the 1978 release of their debut album, Van Halen, Eddie and the boys single-handedly returned rock and roll to it's pre-disco glory. It was "Eruption," Eddie's solo guitar tour de force, that immediately established him as the greatest and most influential rock guitarist since Jimi Hendrix. This must-have collection features nine stunning and ground-breaking Eddie Van Halen solo guitar showcases, from his explosive solo guitar piece "Eruption" to the heavy-metal-meets-flamenco passion of "Spanish Fly" and the ethereal "Cathedral." With these performances, Eddie Van Halen redefined the guitar as we know it.

Published by Alfred Publishing.

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