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Sammy Hagar has been wearing these awesome sunglasses for years, and we see why! They're the ONLY sunglasses we ever wear.

Eyewear that Kicks Ass.
(SCROLL DOWN for new pics, video & more info)

Sammy Hagar has been wearing Liquid Eyewear sunglasses for years. Here's your chance to own the very same shades—the ultimate in quality, durability, fit, and looks!

Liquid "Flex to Fit", hingeless sunglasses are made from durable, lightweight, aircraft-aluminum that contours for maximum comfort on any size face. They’re ultra-tough and for the most part indestructible.

Three models available:

The GASKET model offers a universal frame and rectangular lens. For medium to large faces.

The PLAYER has a slightly smaller and sleeker frame. Great for women or men looking for smaller sunglasses. Features teardrop-shaped lenses. For small medium faces.

The TITAN model is new, and features their largest lens for maximum coverage. For medium to large faces.

The ultimate for people who want extremely durable sunglasses with wrap-around sun and wind protection. They won’t slip off during activity, so they’re great for motorcycle/bike riding and skydiving. Favored by Extreme Sport athletes, Military, and Law Enforcement. And they look Bad to the Bone!

LENS/PRICES: All frames are made of the same lightweight, high performance Aircraft Aluminum, so prices are based solely on the lens. We offer 3 models with black frames and Smoke 100% UV Lenses for $129, and 12 models of various colored frames with POLARIZED Lenses for $159.

Titan Sunglasses: Black Frame, Smoke Lens
$139   $129.00
New TITAN Frame!

Gasket Sunglasses: White Frame, Blue Mirror Polarized Lens
$169   $159.00

Gasket Sunglasses: Gun Metal Frame, Red Mirror Polarized Lens
$169   $159.00

Gasket Sunglasses: Red Frame, Red Mirror Polarized Lens
$169   $159.00

Player Sunglasses: Black Frame, Smoke Lens
$139   $129.00

Player Sunglasses: Black Frame, Smoke Polarized Lens
$169   $159.00

Player Sunglasses: Red Frame, Red Polarized Lens
$169   $159.00

Player Sunglasses: Polished Frame, Blue Mirror Polarized Lens
$169   $159.00

Player Sunglasses: Purple Frame, Blue Mirror Polarized Lens
$169   $159.00

Player Sunglasses: Pink Frame, Rose Hi-Def Polarized Lens
$169   $159.00

"WICK it CLEAN" 3-in-1 Cleaning System
$24.95   $19.95

Sunglass Hard Case

Sunglass Cord

Sunglass Cleaning & Storage Bag

Replacement Ear Boots

Replacement Nose Piece (Standard)

Replacement Nose Piece (Thick)

"WICK it CLEAN" Refill

The three models

Lens shape options and descriptions

Models wearing the sunglasses


Liquid Eyewear co-owner Kristen Linde shows how a pair of sunglasses is assembled. Here she installs one of two tinted lenses into a frame.

One reason the Liquid Eyewear brand of sunglasses is popular with the military and law enforcement is the product's durability. Here is a pair of sunglasses that was hit with buckshot from a shotgun.

When Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and former Van Halen front man Sammy Hagar wanted a unique line of sunglasses in 2000, he didn't approach Ray Ban or Oakley. Instead, he called Liquid Eyewear.

“Sammy Hagar, when we first started Liquid, asked if we could do a private label for him and we did,” said Kristen Linde, Liquid co-owner. “That was what really gave us the funding to start Liquid. We still to this day do eyewear for him." 

Liquid is now the preferred company of many famous rockers, including Disturbed, Daughtry and Alice Cooper.

“We are an independent sunglass company, and are associated with a lot of musicians and musical groups,” Linde said, adding Food Network personality Guy Fieri also sports their sunglasses.

“Ken Wilson founded the company.” Linde said. “He is the guru of aluminum eyewear. He really is. He actually started a company called Gatorz back in the early ‘90s because he was tired of plastic glasses. He decided to work with aluminum and that is where Gatorz came from. He sold that in 2000, and tried to retire but couldn't. He is really at heart an engineer. He loves to design and create, so that is where Liquid came from.”

The custom-patented sunglass designs created by Liquid set the company apart from other more mainstream companies, Linde said.

“The hingeless design, which is what we are known for now in the industry, withstands anything. It is the most durable sunglass anywhere. It's aluminum, it's flexible and lightweight.”

The sunglasses are so durable, they are highly sought after by skydivers, sports athletes and those serving in the military. That is because the glasses are battle-tested.

"We do tests here all the time, and we shot one with a shotgun. We call them roll cages for your eyeballs,” Linde said. “That is really what they are. That is really what we are known for — our durability and the aluminum eye wear — plus their coolness.”

“Our product is made in America,” she said. “Our machine shop is in San Diego, our powder coating is in Phoenix and our plating and anodizing is in Chula Vista. We cut our own lenses (which) come out of Illinois. Nothing is outsourced. Really and truly — we do it all. We are really proud of the fact that we've kept it here on American soil and I think that also helps promote our growth and people wanting to support it.”

Liquids are worn by many rockstars (including Sammy Hagar), sports athletes, military and law enforcement. We are proud to offer this unique line, and at discounted prices.

Treat yourself to the best sunglasses you'll ever own. Liquids look fantastic and are mare made of unbreakable, hingeless aluminum, which makes them virtually indestructible!

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